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SuperSmolt Feed Only

For the last 10 years, the Scottish Aquaculture industry has been using the SuperSmolt® programme to produce tens of millions of optimally smoltified salmon from tank-based systems.

SuperSmolt Feed Only offers efficient smoltification of SO, S1 and even larger smolt. The method constitutes a major milestone for better fish welfare and production profitability.

SuperSmolt® Feed Only continues to provide massive benefits for both smolt producers and ongrowers:

  • Flexibility
    SuperSmolt® fish never desmoltify, giving you greater control over seawater transfer dates.
  • Enhanced production
    SuperSmolt® can be used to optimise production by producing smolts earlier or larger.
  • Better smolts
    SuperSmolt® fish come on to feed quicker and more evenly post transfer.
  • Improved health and welfare
    SuperSmolt® reduces stress, disease susceptibility and mortality following transfer.