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Stronger together

STIM tears down the walls between departments, companies and areas of operation and gathers the skillful men and women of Europharma, Fishguard and ACD Pharma under the same umbrella.

Our reasoning lies in the realization of the unique value our employees constitute. Together, our multi-national STIM TEAM is competent in nearly every aspect relating to the biological production of fish.

Our veterinarians and fish health biologists follow the health and welfare situation closely on-site. Our marine biologists, taxonomists and eco-toxologists immerse themselves in the important interaction between aquaculture production and the ocean environment. Our outstanding team of scientists and researchers develop products that will make the future of aquaculture even more efficient, sustainable and welfare-conscious. The former Europharma teams bring their unique expertise on smolt production as well as pharmaceutical chemists and quality personnel that offer advisory services, traceability and safety relating to our wide range of vaccines and fish health products.

No questions have easy answers when it comes to the biological production of fish. Everything relates to everything. That is why the creation of STIM is entirely logical. Our success depends on our ability to see the whole picture. We are now better equipped than ever to do just that.

STIM stands together, for the benefit of fish farmers everywhere.